Prabhu Vignesh Kumar Rajagopal

Cloud and DevOps Consultant

As an experienced DevOps and Cloud Consultant, I can provide DevOps solutions, Cloud Solutions, Enterprise Design and Integration solutions around the public and private cloud (AWS, Google Cloud and OpenStack). I have strong experience in As-Is analysis, Maturity Modeling and GAP analysis to design framework and target operation model in terms of Architectural design and DevOps environment around Public and Private cloud.


DevOps Consultant

Multi National Financial Company

Conducted maturity assessment and GAP analysis then generated report in terms of system design and infrastructure. Provided solution by designing the Infrastructure in AWS for middleware application which inte-grates Salesforce application & Angular application and created Infrastructure as code from AWS & Terraform to reuse the infrastructure. Designed the Delivery pipeline with Jenkins right from creating a feature to deploying feature by in-tegrating Version control tool with ALM tool. This helps to stay in line with Agile process. Created monitoring and analytics platform to ensure "Disaster Prevention and Preparedness. .

December 2017 - Present

DevOps Consultant

Multi National Oil & Gas Company

Conducted As-Is analysis and GAP analysis then generated report in terms of system design and se-curity. Provided solution by developing a middleware solution with Enterprise Service Bus to integrate var-ious in-house application and business applications. Integrated applications with open APIs and other business applications. Provided solution for maturity in security by developing policy, strategic, tactical and operational in-formation security plans and ensured developed services comply with established SOA governance rules, maturity and monitoring.

August 2017 - December 2017

DevOps Consultant

Multi National Media Company

Conducted As-Is analysis and GAP analysis then generated report in terms of system design and In-tegrated Agile and DevOps Ecosystem. Provided solution to improve in system designing by Transforming and refactoring the Monolithic architecture to MicroServices with containerization and clustering tools like Docker and Consul Provided solution to improve in Software delivery and release by providing Integrated agile and DevOps ecosystem with building CICD with Jenkins and configuration management with Ansible and integrated Issue and Bug tracker with Agile driven tool like TFS, Remedy and Jira. Ensured all application satisfies ‘The twelve-factor app’ and created a complete prototype to en-sure system design meets the industrial standards and adaptability for new technologies.

May 2017 - August 2017

DevOps Consultant

Multi National Media Company

Conducted As-Is analysis and GAP analysis then generated report in terms of system design and In-frastructure. Provided solution to improve in system design by designing the Service Oriented Architecture with Docker containers and Kubernetes. Provided solution to improve in application infrastructure by designing the architecture underlining with MicroServices hosted on AWS and minimized the effort and infrastructural demand with serverless architecture with AWS Lambda.

November 2016 - April 2017

DevOps Engineer

HCL Internal Application

Developed a portal application within a collaborative web application for training and self-development for internal employees. In this PostgreSQL was used within the application and exported Postgres data into MySQL by rake task periodically.

April 2016 - November 2016

DevOps Engineer

Multi National Transport Company

To integrate the client’s UAT and Production environment, quick containers was needed for Jenkins (DB server, Hadoop clusters). So Docker containers ware used with Jenkins integration. Each and every commit of code and particular time period my Jenkins server will build and integrate the UAT environment and production environment was the on-demand basis.

June 2015 - March 2016

DevOps Engineer

Multi National Transport Company

Client requirement is that their production environment should meet High Availability and scalability. So I have created Ansible playbook with dynamic inventory file which dynamically allocates the range of IPs with respect to No of Docker containers has been created. Each task was perfectly separated by role for the easy change

August 2014 - May 2015

End to End

Personal project

Social media which provide portal to upload the music file to the playlist which can be shared with friends added within the portal. Uploading music files and login services, Sound Cloud API is used. Separate user relationship modules are maintained for follow and unfollow the users among the portal.

End to End

Personal project

Developing Tool called Robin in Ruby on Rails which automates the application build, deploy and code repositories. Git gem was used to create project, branch, commit, pull and push automation through rails. And Build and Deployment on remote machines was automated with Ansible, with the help of Ansible-rails gem.


SRM University

Master of Technology
Computer Science Engineering

CGPA: 8.7

May 2012 - June 2014

Anna University

Bachelor of Engineering
Electronic and Communication

Percentage: 80%

May 2007 - June 2011


Programming Languages & Tools
  • And More..
Key Skills
  • AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix.
  • Jenkins, Git, Bamboo.
  • Ansible, Chef, Terraform, Packer, Docker, Vagrant.
  • Consul, NoMad, Docker swarm.
  • Mulesoft, Dell Boomi
  • Jira, TFS.
  • Ruby, Python.
  • Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask, Sinatra.
  • Bash, Ruby, JavaScript.
  • MySql, PostGres, MongoDB, Sqlite.
  • ELK stack, Graylog, Splunk.
  • Munin, NagiOs.
  • OpenStack


As part of being a Cloud and DevOps Consultant, I love to do POC and experiment with new techniques and platforms which comply with the latest market needs. I love to provide solutions to the business where they stuck or go slow in terms of technology. Since the technology is the backbone of any business, it should be strong enough and I ensure that

With my hands on experience in technology and foundation, I am very comfortable to build any solutions regardless of new product or technology. As part of Open Source devotee, I keep contributing open source community either by producing a new piece of a component or fixing the most needful component. Same can be seen from my Digital footprint

Awards & Certifications

  • Certified EMC Cloud Architect in Cloud Infrastructure and Services/li>
  • Certified Solution Architect By Rackspace CloudU
  • Kudos award from KPMG for Performance
  • Raising star award from KPMG for Performance
  • Best Performer award from HCL